Our idea

Many of us are worried about the climate crisis

We are increasingly aware of it and we ask for an urgent change.

However, summits on climate change come and go,

And there are still no major transformations.

If you feel identified with this words... 

It is time to do something about it

Seeds was born after taking part in a FridaysForFuture march in Barcelona.

There, we realized that our collective power can make a big difference. 

We believe that by joining together, our impact can be exponentially amplified.

This is how crowdfunding can be used to finance the energy transition.

A transition that involves and benefits everybody who really cares

Join us in our fight for a more renewable and sustainable future! 

Our mission

To empower every person to make a difference in fighting the climate crisis.

With a minimum investment of just a few cents, everyone can join the fight for a cleaner tomorrow. 


Our vision

Use the collective power of our community to make the energy transition easy and affordable.

Now is the time to use the digital evolution to power the energy revolution.

Seeds Team

We are a group of four innovators that joint together in Barcelona for a master in renewable energies (RENE InnoEnergy). Now we are 11 team members, from eight different countries, diverse backgrounds & a shared passion for the environment and sustainability. 

We have a common goal, enabling people to fuel the energy of tomorrow with renewables.

Alba Forns 

Head of Growth

William Wiseman


Guillermo Marchessi

Innovation and UX

Jose Luis Colomer

Product Development

Naira França

Marketing and Business Development

Andrés Jimenez

Human-Computer Interaction

Guillermo Narva
Digital Marketing

Adam Morel

Janire Riobello

Business Development

Nazih Toubal

Business Development

Tolulope Amusat

Business Development

Advisory Board

We have surrounding ourselves with an advisory board of industry veterans that is in-line with our goal to build a company with gender and cultural diversity.

Ketan Makwana

Katharine D'Amico

Suresh Vaghjiani


  • Red Bull Basement Contest

    • Global 1st place - Climate Action

    • Global 1st place - Energy

    • Top 3 National Finalist - Sweden


  • Top 15, Spain  – Energía de Portugal Renewables University Challenge, 2020

  • ESADE eWorks accelerator​

  • EPAE Environmental Protection and Energy Conference finalist, 2019​

  • Ecosummit Venture Capital Berlin 2020

  • InnoEnergy Battle of Green Talent 

  • Management & Entrepeneurship in Energy - ESADE

  • Energy Efficiency Hackaton - Sponsored by DENEFF

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