Our idea

Are you worried about the climate crisis?

Do you feel your actions are not enough and want to do more?

So do we. 

Seeds was born after taking part in a FridaysForFuture march in Barcelona.

When we were there we realized that our collective power could make a big difference. 

We believe that by joining together, our impact can be exponentially amplified.

This is how crowdfunding can be used to finance the energy transition.

Join us in our fight for a more renewable and sustainable future! 

Seeds Team

We are a group of innovators in Barcelona originating from two different countries, with diverse engineering backgrounds & a shared passion for the environment and sustainability. 

We have a common goal, enabling people to fuel the energy of tomorrow with renewables.


Industrial Engineer

Head of Growth

Mechanical Engineer



Aerospace Engineer

Innovation and UX


Chemical Engineer

Product Development

Our values



Up until now, we have been participating in different courses & contests.

These are our achievements related to the Energy and Business Sector as a team so far.

  • ESADE eWorks accelerator​

  • EPAE Environmental Protection and Energy Conference finalist, 2019​

  • Ecosummit Venture Capital Berlin 2020

  • Masters of Renewable Energy Engineering, InnoEnergy 

  • Management & Entrepeneurship in Energy - ESADE

  • Energy Efficiency Hackaton - Sponsored by DENEFF