Earn money by making the world a better place

1. Sourcing our projects

Seeds finds renewable energy projects through our partnerships with Energy Cooperatives. Our engineers work with local construction partners to carefully evaluate the proposed renewable energy projects and ensure they meet our core criteria:

Economic and technical viability

Social and environmental responsibility

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Once we have certified a project the crowdfunding campaign will open and you can begin investing! Your investments will finance a loan, to build that specific project.
Construction will begin as soon as the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

Any individual or organization, anywhere in the world, can sign up to be a Seeds member and invest, starting with as little as your spare change.

Your investments will:

Generate clean energy

Make a positive social and environmental impact

Earn income as you lease them to schools, businesses, and other organizations Reduce your carbon footprint for years to come

Tip: Set up the round-up and you will automatically invest little by little, by using the spare change from your everyday purchases. You can also make a one-time investment or set up a recurring investment, whatever suits you best.


2. Start investing

3. Construction begins

Once the project is crowdfunded by the Seeds community, the project developer ​starts the construction process.

Tip: Track the status of your projects through the Seeds app.


You will automatically receive repayments on the loan plus interest on a regular basis. The higher the interest of your project, the higher the repayments will be. 
With Seeds, you’re earning money while helping save the world.
Sit back and watch your impact and earnings grow!


4. Effortless renewable energy income