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Europe's most sustainable islands are Danish

Have you ever imagined islands made of recyclable material? Or have you ever imagined a new continent being built?

The government of Denmark has already imagined and put into practice part of these projects! Through a lot of creativity, technology, architecture, and sustainable design, the country presents projects that can be a big step towards a more sustainable future!

The Copenhagen Islands project is a nonprofit initiative started by Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish Design studio Fokstrot, it is supported by københavns kommune and it is an excellent example of how design, architecture, and sustainability fit together perfectly!

The set of islands, also called "Parkipelago," is a sustainable alternative to the rapid urban development along the harbor side. It also draws attention to the global climate crisis and the rise sea levels that affect Denmark and many other countries.

The islands are floating, mobile, and can be combined to form larger spaces. For the future, the plan is to build more islands to expand the public area. Among the possibilities, the goal is to create swim zones, floating saunas, floating gardens, floating mussel farms, and a floating sail-in café, all free to be explored by the increasing number of kayaks, sailors, GoBoaters, and tourists in the harbors.

Besides that, Denmarks' government has even more promising plans: The European Silicon Valley or Denmark Silicon Valley. By 2040, the country intends to build nine artificial islands to expand Copenhagen's industrial district and attract investment.

The gigantic project estimates the creation of 3.1 million square meters (33 million square feet) of new land, with 700,000 square meters dedicated to nature. Also, the project aims to generate more than € 7.2 billion in economic activity.

According to the proposal, one of the nine islands will house a plant that will transform the waste produced in the capital into biogas, clean wastewater, and store clean energy generated by windmills.


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