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What is a Carbon Offset?

Nowadays, practically no product, service, or activity is free from carbon emissions, every organization has a carbon footprint, so what we cannot avoid can be compensated. The emission compensation should be an option for any company or government that has already exhausted measures to reduce their internal GHG emissions – avoidable emissions – and now wants to offset the residual emissions to fight against the climate crisis, the main environmental challenge in human history.

The offsetting of CO2 emissions consists of the contribution of an economical amount, proportional to the emissions generated, for a project that avoids or captures the same amount of CO2 emitted. For example, there are projects related to renewable energies, such as building wind farms that replace coal-fired power plants.

The carbon offset market is relatively new and has a great potential. That's because many countries do need this program to achieve their sustainable development goals by 2030.

Currently, 9 of the 10 largest nations producing offsets are in the developing world, according to the article published by Kavit Botkhataria on Next Billion. This shows that this market can be a form of growth for these countries since they would have the opportunity to invest more and more in renewable energy projects, reforestation and others.

Even though carbon offsetting schemes are one step in the right direction, it is not be enough to offset carbon. It is not the solution to the climate crisis. Instead, additional measures are necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow down global warming and its related adverse effects. If you want to know what to do at a personal level, check our post about what you can do to reduce your footprint!


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