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Women, agents of change

Updated: Mar 15

Women are more affected by climate change, largely because of gender inequality. [1] The climate crisis is a female issue, as women are more likely to live in poverty than men, less likely to have access to basic human rights (like the ability to freely move and acquire land) and face systematic violence that escalates during periods of instability. [2] Let’s put this in terms of some numbers:

  • 80% of immigrants engaged in domestic work in the world are women [8]

  • Women are disproportionately affected by poverty until the age of 30 [6]

  • More than 70% of the fatalities in 2004 during the Tsunami in Indonesia were women [3]

  • 80% of the people displaced by the climate crisis are women [3] [5]

But, in spite of their vulnerability, women are not only victims. Women are agents of change and have the potential to promote adaptation and mitigation. Women have the potential to save our planet. This reality has been recognized by the Paris Agreement, which has specifically included the need to further empower women in climate decision-making on a global scale. [3] [5] We can support girls and women by: [7]

  • Investing in girl’s education to foster climate participation and leadership

  • Listening and offering support to women in critical situations

  • Voicing the voiceless and calling for inclusion

  • Supporting NGOs, women collectives and other movements that help women in vulnerable situations

  • Not giving up and not letting other women give up Let’s support women and voice the need for a fairer, equitable and more sustainable future.

This post has been made for women by women. Naira & Alba


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